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Supermarket Symphony on BBC R4 Friday 8th July 11am - Previews

Supermarket Symphony

Friday 08 July 
11:00am - 
BBC Radio 4
The sounds of beeping scanners, clattering trolleys and electronic sliding doors combine with orchestral strings and the musings of customers and staff in Nina Perry's engaging exploration of life at a supermarket over the course of one day. Perry has caught a number of colourful characters on tape, from Father Pat Brown, who likes to see his weekly shopping trip as a chance to commune with his congregation, to cashier Julie, who greets life's little inequities with a cheery smile. But the best of the bunch has to be Michael, a theatrical 75-year-old who mans the cheese counter, and who compares his work to the experience of having dinner with Miss World and meeting the Queen. His tale of the young man and the dolcelatte will melt your heart .

Radio Times reviewer - David Crawford

Saturday Mail:

'This oddly charming programme turns the sounds of a supermarket into a work of audio art. The crash of trolleys and the noises of the checkout are woven into a tango, while the beep-beep of the scanners provides a backdrop to the stories of the staff and customers' Susan Jeffreys

Supermarket Symphony on BBC Radio 4 Friday 8th July 11am

Nina Perry's composed feature 'Supermarket Symphony' reveals the beauty, musicality and personal stories found in supermarkets over a day. Specially composed music and the sounds of the supermarket are interwoven with some of the human encounters to be discovered along with the weekly shop.
Amongst stories and rituals of shoppers and supermarket workers, we hear from Michael, a theatrical cheese counter assistant, who now in his 70's reveals his many past lives, and the happiness he finds serving people with cheese; Father Pat, a priest who enjoys the chance to connect with his local community whilst wheeling his trolley down the aisles and Julie who works on the tills, and has a gift for turning a frown into laughter.
Produced by Nina Perry
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.